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Superstudio Podcast #03 - PETER ZELLNER

March 03, 2021 superstudio Season 1 Episode 3
Superstudio Podcast
Superstudio Podcast #03 - PETER ZELLNER
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Superstudio Podcast #03 -  PETER ZELLNER

Recorded in Los Angeles, January 15, 2020

Peter Zellner is an architect, painter and educator based in Los Angeles, California.  Born in Manhattan, New York in 1969 and has worked and lived in Australia, Europe, and Asia. Son of immigrants: Yolanda Román Zellner, a Nicaraguan soprano who trained at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música in México and sang with the New York City Opera, and Peter Paul Zellner, a Romanian born painter and designer who worked with Ray and Charles Eames and later at the Metropolitan Museum and LACMA.

Peter Zellner has designed notable public and private art galleries such as the Matthew Marks, Night and Vielmetter galleries in Los Angeles and the Maccarone, Wallspace, Zach Feuer and Harris Lieberman Galleries in Manhattan.  The Los Angeles Times named him one of its Faces to Watch in Dance, Theater, Architecture and Art and Art+Auction Magazine included him in its “Power” Selection of designers and architects. 

He has also curated exhibitions such as Sign as Surface at Artists Space, New York, Empire. Style at ART2102 in Boyle Heights and The Trans-Aestheticization of Daily Life at the Sweeney Gallery, a public art space he designed for the University of California, Riverside.  In 2016 he founded the Free School of Architecture, a participant-led six-week event committed to the free exploration and exchange of ideas in and around architecture, freed from traditional pedagogical and professional frameworks.

Episode Resources:


California Concrete: A landscape of Skateparks

Emergent: Structural Ecologies

Pacific Edge

Hybrid Space: Generative Form and digital Architecture

Main Outlines:

00.59 / surfing stories and localism and LA

22.24 / gentrification of the creative class

34.46 / is harder in Los Angeles for young creatives

54.55 / moving to LA and life decisions

56.09 / Australia

1.05.10 / Grind, Instability vs Stability and Focus for producing creative work

1.06.00 / Writings and first books

1.11.34 / The American City Destabilized: The crisis of the commons

1.39.20 / Free School of Architecture, challenging power structures

2.08.11 / The next radical changes

2.16.02 / Production of Junkspace is not contributing to our advancement as a species

2.22.39 / Beyond Exploitations

2.28.15/ Saying something revolutionary doesn’t mean that it is

Final Notes:

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