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Superstudio Podcast #02 - MIKE NESBIT

January 03, 2021 superstudio Season 1 Episode 2
Superstudio Podcast
Superstudio Podcast #02 - MIKE NESBIT
Show Notes

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Superstudio Podcast #02 - MIKE NESBIT

Recorded in Los Angeles, December 20, 2020

Mike Nesbit is an LA-based fine artist who likes to produce work through community engagement within and outside California.  Nesbit’s ability to engage local museums, institutions, design organizations, and media outlets allows his ambitious artworks to become collaborative realities, transforming his art into objects that contain a sense of shared pride and ownership with the communities involved in their manufacturing and maintenance. With a background in architecture, his multidisciplinary skill-set greatly informs his artwork, allowing Nesbit to bridge the worlds of art and architecture with a focus on technique, repetition, and space.  He received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles.  Previous, to Art and Architecture Nesbit, played professional baseball with the Seattle Mariners.

Episode Resources:

SCI-Arc, Ray Kappe Barrow - Dan Schwalm A minute road, a minute landscape - Mike Nesbit


Midwestern Landscape - Mike Nesbit (not available yet to the public), if interested in this publication please contact the author

Pictures of Nothing - Kirk Varnedoe 

Society of the Spectacle - Guy Debord

Combinatory Urbanism A Realignment of Complex Behavior and Collective Form - Thom Mayne

Episode Outline:

38.30 / artist takes ownership and place values

39.10 / value exists everywhere

39.53 / how much humanity is willing to put a value on everything?

42.50 / primitive human values and labor

43.56 / how things are made

44.50 / working with the crew and values

45.46 / beauty of abstraction

46.20 / work less and do more value

47.54 / the most powerful thing that art can do

48.59 / qualitative vs quantitative and the construction industry 

52.57 / processes of making, mess it up

54.46 / sensitivity and look at the work in a playful way and disrupt the system

56.06 /<